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memorian's Journal

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hmmmm......I mostly like everything was in my interests. I aspire to be a great Fashion Designer some day and make tons of money. *Rubs hands together evily*. I do like anime & manga. I can watch any anime, but if I'm watchin serious animes like romance I stop after a while I have no idea why (when I'm watchin them on the computer). but I can watch random funny animes over & over again like crazy (Pani Poni Dash, Hale & Guu, Azumanga Daioh).
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I also love all types of Music. Rock, Classical, Pop, Hip-hop or Rap (whats the difference nowadays), Blues. but I'm a J-music junkie. My fave three are Ayumi Hamasaki (you have no idea check out last.fm for proof), Dir en grey, and Gackt. But I have alot more and if I named them all the page would freeze.
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I'm also a film watcher, I mostly like to see Dramas (usually there always the ones nominated for Oscars that's what helps me choose ) also I love action films, not the crappy ones though and especially Super hero films. And Animated films, or CGI something like that.
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hmmm and games. I like to play games, even though I never beat them, so I stick to fighting games like soul caliber, Mortal Kombat, and super smash bros.